Friday, 21 September 2018


On a misty morning, I mourn
The loss of paradise of my solitude,
The joy of chill of a gentle breeze
Is snatched by my rectitude,
The tea loses its heat
Due to neglect and goes cold,
I burn my thoughts to keep
My heart warm, as time rolled,
With a dread, I feel the wind pace up
And the fog thicken, hither,
I guard the remnants of my
Treasure, and not let them wither,
Into the thinning grayness
Saunter the night and its mare,
The sun comes out, in earnest
To repair the dawn's despair,
The light stirs its strings to
Play a duet with the shadow,
The first song pours in me,
Filling my soul with glow,

# SP Singh

Monday, 18 June 2018

Blood Meridian

*   It’s a saga of unprecedented violence that various warring groups unleash against one another along the U.S.- Mexican border. As a reader I looked for a strong protagonist and some more characters, but I found none. After going through the first fifty pages, I realised that the author in a masterstroke had deliberately made the names of the human beings and places irrelevant. Only the character of ‘Judge’ survives the irrelevance somewhat, otherwise the events that pace up the novel are described in gory details and often unsettle your mind and compel you to put the book aside for a while. Violence is the central theme around which various events are woven. McCarthy’s description of the landscape is vivid, earthy and beautiful. Undoubtedly, it’s a masterpiece in its genre and perhaps his best novel. For me it’s been a great learning experience reading McCarthy’s books and I can’t thank Robert enough for the recommend. 

Friday, 11 May 2018

Parrot under the Pine Tree

My debut novel, "Parrot under the Pine Tree" has been nominated for VOW Awards 2018. I'm honoured and humbled.

A Big Thank you to my readers for their encouragement.

Monday, 12 March 2018

All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

*       The book is delightful to read. I loved the language, which is beautiful and spoken in that part of the world. Sprinkling of Spanish in short dialogues is icing on the cake. (I had to keep google translate handy). The book increased my vocabulary. I learned quite a few things about the horses and life on the ranch. The author's description of the landscape is vivid and mesmerizing. The pace of the story is somewhat slow, but that's a small thing. There are many wonderful passages in the book, but my favorite is....

"He lay listening to the horse crop the grass at his stakerope and he listened to the wind in the emptiness and watched stars trace the arc of the hemisphere and die in the darkness at the edge of the world and as he lay there the agony in his heart was like a stake. He imagined the pain of the world to be some formless parasitic being seeking out the warmth of human souls wherein to incubate and he thought he knew what made one liable to its visitations. What he had not known was that it was mindless and so had no way to know the limits of those souls and what he feared was that there might be no limits."

* Highly recommended.

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