Friday, 5 August 2016

Turkey.............the Unique Bridge

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*       Since the existence of life on earth and emergence of various civilizations, Turkey has acted as the bridge between not only two continents, Asia and Europe; but also between two religions and two ways of life. If the West defines democracy and human values, most of the countries in the East are governed by authoritarian regimes.

*    No Muslim nation can claim to be a true democracy which respects human rights and provides equal opportunities to all its citizens. In recent times Muslim countries are seeing an upsurge in fundamentalism and radicalism. The rise of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Turkey and other nations is a case in point. Sane voices in these countries are becoming in minority. During general elections the hard line majority elects a leader who adopts a dictatorial approach. The civilised world keeps its national interest uppermost in mind and looks the other way when minorities are persecuted and secular folks are framed in false charges and put behind the bars.

*     The same radicalized population on every conceivable occasion derides the western way of living and elects its leaders amid lot of rabble rousing and chest thumping. But these very people when civil war breaks out in their countries run towards the secular, modern and humane West and not towards any Muslim country. 

*     Most Turkish leaders forget they have a historical role to play in the politics of the world. They with their leadership have to educate and motivate their citizens to be progressive and kind-hearted. Turkey has to imbibe the best of the West and pass it on to the East, and similarly pass on the best of the East to the western world. She has to permit smooth flow of new and progressive ideas through it. 

*    And this bridge at the moment doesn't seem to be strong enough to fulfill its historical role.

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