Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mandela...............the Great Unifier.

*    Nelson Mandela was arguably one of the greatest human being of this century. His efforts to unify a divided South Africa and make it into a prosperous African nation is his greatest achievement. 

*    Perhaps there was a lesson for each African nation to learn from his life of compassion, forgiveness and humility. Today the white folks in South Africa would mourn his death more than the blacks. 

*    Mandela's South Africa remains only ray of hope across the continent where countries from east to west and north to south are caught in ethnic strife, majority between the Muslims and the Christians, while the rest between various tribes. The leaders in those countries are hell bent on destroying their countries for their narrow political gains.

*     Perhaps, Mandela, after political retirement, should have spent more time  in other African countries and unified some of them. Because Mandela didn't belong to one nation. He belonged to whole African continent and the world.

*     Africa has lost him, not South Africa.
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