Saturday, 5 April 2014

Corporatisation of Democracy.

*    This picture tells the tale of millions of farmers across the world. The
      lush green forests and fields are being converted into concrete 
      jungles. The agricultural lands are shrinking rapidly in a world in which 
      millions don't get food to eat.   

*    Every five or four year’s elections are held in all democracies in the 
      world. Tall promises are made by the political parties and the 
      candidates. The common gullible masses always show faith in them 
      and are felt cheated by one political dispensation or the other, or all. 

*    The land, water and air that protect and preserve a Nation's resources
      are exploited by the corporate in connivance with corrupt politicians. 
      The discontent amongst the masses manifests in terms of uprisings, 
      which are often suppressed by brute force and once a while if an
      Orange Revolution or any other revolution does succeed, it soon turns
      chaotic and masses are disillusioned once again.

*    The common folks in mineral rich Africa and Asia  live in abject poverty,
      while their rulers have millions of dollars stash away in Swiss banks.

 *   Is democracy failing us? This question comes back to haunt me every
      time I read about elections in any country, anywhere !

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