Sunday, 25 May 2014

Life's Greatest Lessons............... (1)

*     Most folks learn their life's greatest lessons from the great men of the past and the present. I, though, learn my lessons from unknown and illiterate people, who I come across in my daily life. 

*     Until 1990 I  prided myself as a book lover. During a study tour to Mumbai the same year, while walking on the pathway at the Churchgate I saw a bookseller selling English fiction. In an hour at that shop I chose about half a dozen titles, mostly the bestsellers. Each one cost me about ten to twenty bucks. 

*    The man, in mid-forties, whose face I still remember rather well, placed the books on a stool and then took out some ready made transparent plastic covers of different sizes and diligently placed covers on the books chosen by me.

*    To my stupid question why was he wasting money on those covers, his simple reply was, "Sahib, I could never go to a school but these books are my source of livelihood. The transparent covers will protect them from water and dust, and moreover the book's cover is also visible. 

*    His answer left me dumbfounded, his love for books made me ponder if I was actually a better book lover than him. That man that day taught me life's one of the greatest lessons........

        "One doesn't have to literate to be a great book lover."

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