Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Life's greatest lessons (2).............A Storyteller.

*  We often come across people in our lives who, though, uneducated are excellent storytellers and people who are well read but terrible at telling stories. 

*   About a decade and half ago I too met with a soldier, Tek Bahadur, during  my three year stint with an Indian Para Military Force. On a week long patrolling assignment in the jungles of Mizoram in the northeastern India, we one day passed by a lake, picture of whose lonesome beauty got etched in my heart forever.  

*    On inquiry why there was no human settlement near the lake, the man during the night in the next village narrated me the folktale (read story of 'Palak Dil' in my earlier post) of that lake.  His style of narration was so fascinating, so captivating that I was inspired to take up writing. Until then I hadn't written prose of any worth. 

*     That night fifteen years ago changed my life. He inspired me to write. Today I have written about five dozen short stories and four fiction novels. And for this newfound inspiration, I owe it to him. And I know there would be hundreds like me who have been inspired by people from humble educational backgrounds. 

*      Thank you, Tek Bahadur.
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