Friday, 10 October 2014

White Elephants !!

*    In poor country like India where thousands go hungry 
      and  millions  manage  just  one  meal  a day  for their
      families,  spending  crores  of  rupees  each  year  on 
      maintaining the  institution of  the  governor is hardly 
      any act of wisdom. The huge  amount of money spent
      on their pay, perks and maintaining Raj Bhavans does
      not justify the the work discharged from this high 

*    The Governors perform only one constitutional duty, 
      i.e., inviting the  leader of the  largest political party, 
      or the group to form the govt. It's one duty  that can  
      be better formed by the Chief Justice of the State.

*    Most governors often meddle into state politics and
      make life difficult for the state govt at the behest of
      the centre. Money  saved by  dismantling this office 
      can be spent on health and education of impoverished
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