Friday, 13 March 2015

Haipou Jadonang........................... India's Unsung Heroes.

*     Haipou Jadonang was the youngest of the three sons of Thindai (father) and Tabonliu (mother) and was born in the year 1905 at Kambiron (Puilon) village in Tamenglong district of Manipur, India. He was one year old when his father died. He organised his people into an effective resistance against the British rule. His movement popularly called the Naga Raj spread like wildfire and engulfed the whole region and further widened its influence to neighbouring areas.

*   The British took action to bring down Jadonang and crush his Naga Raj. The Political Agent of Manipur State arrested Haipou Jadonang on 19th Feb 1931. A month later, he was taken to Imphal and imprisoned in the Imphal Jail as prosecution against him and his followers went on in the court of the Manipur Political Agent.

*  On 29th Aug, he was hanged by the British Government on the banks of the Nambul River. Jadonang dedicated his life to freedom of his people. Outside Manipur, this valiant soldier of Indian freedom movement is hardly known. It's sad commentary that most of freedom fighters like him from little known corners of India go unsung, unread and unremembered. 
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