Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Greek tragedy ?


*   Every lover of history and literature today would be feeling the pain and anguish at the economic condition of Greece that 2000 years ago was not only a great economic power but also a great military power which defeated the mighty Persian army, and won a decade-long Trojan war. 

* Greece was the place where a great and mighty civilization flourished for centuries. It gave the future Roman civilization and other civilizations the literature, theatrical culture, drama and democracy. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, the world's two of the greatest books inspired Virgil, Chaucer, Shakespeare and thousands of writers across the world and till date continue to inspire millions of budding writers. The four famous ancient Greek dramatists: Aeschylus, Sophocles, Eurides and Aristophanes inspired the latter day Latin and English dramatists. 

*  The battles of the Thermopylae, the Salamis and the Marathon still inspire and baffle the military leaders. 

*      Greece gave the world the 'Olympics', which today has become the greatest sporting extravaganza. 

*  So much was the power of Greek civilization that Augustus, the Roman emperor had asked Virgil, to write the book linking the Roman lineage to the Trojans. Thus a great book, Aeneid was written. In the ancient times no country could escape the magic of Greece.  

*  Greek mythology and Greek Gods are revered and admired by people of all religions. Every woman aspires to acquire the beauty of a Helen and a Penelope. The millions of girls have been named after them.   

*    The nation that taught the rest of the world how to live deserves a better fate. Greece may not regain the glory it lost two thousand years ago, but she at least deserves to live in dignity.

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