Sunday, 25 October 2015

Exodus................ mankind's eternal fate !!!


*    Since the dawn of the civilisation the world has always been at war with itself, resulting into oppression of the minorities and the weak. And the women and children have suffered the most at the hands of the tormentors. Many centuries, it  was Moses who with thousands of Israeltis escaped the tyranny of Ramesses II, making it perhaps the mankind's first exodus. 

*  Sadly the mass migration of people from their homelands still continues in some form or the other, because the human beings, unlike the animals refuse to live in peace and harmony with one another. It's indeed sad when one reads or sees people being driven out of their ancestral homes. Imagine the plight of the sick and old folks thrown out of their homes at gun point.    

*    If today it's Syria, yesterday it was Iraq, and day before yesterday it was Afghanistan. Tomorrow it will be some other war torn country. Wars are fought in every continent, but what wrong the common folks have done to deserve such a fate. 

*      Moses would have thought several centuries ago that he had saved the weak and the underprivileged by taking them out of the clutches of a tyrannical Pharaoh forever, but his soul would now be crying in pain to see the similar conditions existing in every war-torn region. 

*     Exodus is the mankind's eternal fate, because in every century in many countries the tyrants, elected leaders or otherwise continue to unleash the forces of terror on the minorities and the weak, and thus force them to leave their native country and head towards the west. Unfortunately Moses was never reborn and earth has no vacant land where such people could settle down permanently. For them its a sub-standard existence in the adopted country. 

*     Wish Gods have solutions  for their problems !!!!!
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