Sunday, 25 September 2016


The story of Saranga is so fascinating that as a writer I’m intrigued by so many versions of it. Below are two more versions:-

Fifth Version

*    The swan pair reappeares, this time rewarded by Lord Shiva and Parvati for unselfish love. In the burning heat of summer a pair of swans comes to a small hollow which holds only a little water. Neither will drink before the other. Both beg each other to drink. As time goes by they become desperate with thirst. But they love each other so much that neither wants to drink before the other. This way they wait and eventually die. When Lord Shiva awakes, Parvati tells him the whole story and insists, “Maharaj, give both birds the boon of life so that their love can be restored.”

 *     Lord Shiva reasons with her a great deal, but Parvati remains stubborn. Finally the matter is decided on one condition. Lord Shiva says, “I will give these swans this boon, that in every birth they will be born in one caste and one city, and their loving relationship will always continue. Even if by fate they are not born in one city and one caste, even then the story of their love will always remain fruitful.”

Sixth Version

*    This is the most popular version. In this several significant events happen before Saranga’s marriage. There is the episode of the necklace. It occurs when the lovers meet by chance at a pool where they had gone to bathe. There a kite seizes Saranga’s necklace and leaves it in a tree. When she sees this, she starts to cry. Seeing her tears Sadavrij quickly climbs the tree, brings down the necklace, and puts it around her neck. Thereafter they go back home. After sometime Sadavrij’s father sends him and his friend away so that Saranga can be married to another man. But Sadavrij and his friend join the wedding procession. When the procession reaches the bride’s door, fireworks began to be released. In this confusion Sadavrij reined his horse in at the merchant’s door, and behind him the minister’s son did likewise. Having seen thousands of men standing around in groups, the merchant was deceived. He gives Tika to Prince Sadavrij. The bride’s father thus applies the ceremonial dot to Sadavrij’s forehead instead of the bridegroom’s. Thus Saranga is united with Sadavrij.

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