Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Two Icons Together

*   Two of Latin America’s greatest icons of the present century together. It’s a great pic indeed. This is what Marquez wrote about Castro on the latter’s 80th birthday. Their mutual admiration is no secret.

      "Fidel Castro is there to win. His attitude in the face of 
      defeat, even in the most minimal actions of everyday
      life, would seem to obey a private logic: he does 
      not even admit it, and does not have a minute's peace 
      until he succeeds in inverting the terms and converting 
      it into victory."
*    And what an irony? while the West admires the Nobel Laureate and the writer par excellence; it abhors the very mention of the revolutionary leader who overthrew the Cuban dictator, Batista in 1959 and became dictator himself, forcing hundreds of Cubans to go into exile.  
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