Sunday, 2 April 2017

EVM..........Electronic Voting Machines ???

*      After recent assembly elections in India, EVMs have become suspect in the eyes of the losing political parties and people like me who don't belong to any party. Suddenly a question mark has been put on the democratic process. Several developed countries in the world don't rely on the EVMs and continue with the paper ballots. 

*       Every citizen must ask these questions himself:-
         -  Can EVMs be tampered with?             Yes, no electronic gadget is 
                                                                          tamper proof.
         -  Which is easier to tamper?                   Software.

*  If some parties and people raise a question, it's the duty of the election commission to hold a sample election in any constituency both by the EVM and then by the ballot papers. The result will clear the fog surrounding efficacy of the machines. 

*    In a mad race to digitalize everything in our lives, we forget that machines too can make mistakes, which can prove very costly to any democracy. 

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