Saturday, 20 January 2018

Mist, Dew and Raindrops

Mist, Dew and Raindrops is a collection of eight intriguing and mesmerising stories:
Repentance -  Two women during a train journey share their pasts but withhold a secret.
The Lucky Coin - Driven by greed, a poor man after getting wealth runs around to protect it.
Those Seven Days - Journey of a patient whose life is torn apart in a matter of seven days.
Last Bus to Lekhapani - A businessman’s night bus journey to meet his ailing uncle.
Twins  -  How a man married to one twin saves the life of second twin.
A Night in Ajanta - Strange things happen to a couple who spent a night in Ajanta. 
Sailor’s Wife  - A married woman falls in love with a bachelor to suffer the consequence.
The Blue Ink Pen - A moving story of a father-daughter relationship.

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