Monday, 10 June 2013

Buddha.... the Awakened One.

^      Prince Siddhārtha, at 29, was so much moved by the pain and
       suffering of common people that he renounced his wealth and
       power and became a monk. He wondered place to place to seek
       the truth.

^      Under the Bodhi Tree in Gaya, India he achieved enlightenment
       and thus prince  Siddhārtha became Gautam Buddha.

^      Have you ever pondered why only prince Siddhartha achieved
       enlightenment and not any other king, before or after him, who too
       had renounced the world and led an ascetic life?

^      Because as per the Bhagavata Purana, he is the reincarnation of
       Vishnu. Simply put, he was God and not a normal human being,
       as some text would make us believe.

^      Next in the series we will see how an Indian king, despite
       possessing the fruit of immortality, failed to achieve enlightenment.

^     Moral of the tale is that renunciation alone won't guarantee
      anybody enlightenment.
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