Thursday, 20 June 2013

Uttarakhand faces Nature's unprecendented fury...

*    Gods surely are angry. The recent destruction in the Himalayan
     state of Uttarakhand in India is a testimony to that.

*   Uttarakhand is facing Nature's unprecedented fury.  The rivers
     'Alakananda, Bhagirathi and Ganga are furious with the humans
     for destroying their habitat by illegal mining, constructing large
     and numerous dams, and huge buildings on and around their banks.

*   The corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who in connivance with
    mining and building mafia are hell bent on destroying the ecology
    of the young fold mountains.

*   My hearts goes out to thousands of those who are still missing and
    wait for rescuers on the yatra routes. I pray to God to save them all.

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