Saturday, 24 August 2013

Muslims at the Cross Roads............


*  The world watches with abated breadth as the Muslim Brotherhood and the liberals in Egypt fight it out on the streets for establishing their supremacy.

*   Egypt is not alone. 1.6 billion Muslims the world over are divided into the hardliners and the liberals. Somehow the hardliners, called by different names in different countries, are not realizing that they, though in majority in some nations, are out of sync with the aspirations of the new and young generation of Muslim youth, who have not been taught in Madarsas but in modern schools and colleges and they are questioning the religious dogmas.

*    It's time the older generation realized this and allowed space for liberal thoughts and ideas to grow and prosper. The Muslim world needs democracy in which people of every religion live in peace and are given equal opportunity to prosper. 
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