Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Arab Spring......... when will it blossom??

^        What an irony ! When the world was being swept away by
          the democracy storm, only the Muslim world, ruled by the
          Kings, monarchs and dictators, remained unaffected. Alas!
          the Muslim rulers took no lessons from the Autumn of Nations
          (fall of communism in 1989). 

^       The Arab Spring was waiting to happen. In fact, what's
         surprising is that it happened so late, perhaps by a decade or
         so. In this age of liberalization, the authoritarian rule has no
         place in any civil society. 

^      Though people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen got rid
        of the dictators, the civil rule is nowhere in sight. The new 
        rulers too fail the test of liberty and equality. 

^      The Spring has hit a roadblock in Egypt and Syria. Its success
        or otherwise in these two nations would decide the future of  
        1.6 billion people.  

^      Like other well-wishers, I'm waiting eagerly for this Spring to
        bloom soon. Let's all pray this Spring to bring flowers to our 
        Muslim brethren in those countries.

^      Amen !!!!

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