Friday, 13 June 2014

Egypt..............Morsi to Sisi, An opportunity lost.

*     What an irony? Egypt, from Morsi to Sisi, has travelled back into time. Like many western observers one might be tempted to blame General Sisi for killing the child of democracy in the land of oldest civilisation, but I would rather blame Morsi for this situation to develop in this great country.

*     When Morsi was elected as the first truly elected President of Egypt, he forgot that he was President of whole country not that of Muslim Brotherhood. He behaved like an autocrat, worse than Mubarak and allowed the army to come back to power again.  

*      A great opportunity lost for Egypt. It's time the elected leaders in the Muslim world realised that fundamentalism and bigotry have no place in the present day society. Like other nations, the Muslim countries too are yearning for democracy. 

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