Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ISIS............. deadlier version of Al Qaeda

*    Iraq burns, and the world watches with abated breadth as Al Qaeda's newer and deadlier version captures city after city. And what an irony that America remains a mute spectator to all this. After so many days when ISIS has entire Sunni and Kurd regions and some oil refineries under their control, Obama talks of action in a cautious tone. 

          *     This man, the Iraqi Premier, Nouri-Al-Malliki, is 
       responsible for Iraq's descent into chaos. He, like
       Morsi, after assuming power forgot that he was given
       mandate for uniting the country. Muslim leaders have
       to take lesson from Mandela, who through 'Truth and 
       Reconciliation Commission' successfully made two
       communities to forget century-old animosity and 
       come together in nation building. 
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