Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mana.........a village steeped in antiquity.

*    When you reach Mana, about 3 km from  Badrinath, 
take a deep breadth. You are in village that's about more 
than  5000   years   old.  In    antiquity   it  was   called 
"Manibhadrapuram" where the Ghandarvas used to reside.

*   It's believed that five Pandavas and Draupadi had passed through this village during their trip to the Swargarohini Peak from where they all had planned to ascend to the heaven. (more about it in future blog).

*    This wonderful village, located at more than 10,000 ft above sea level, is populated for only six months between mid May to mid Nov and buried in deep snow during winter months when its inhabitants migrate to lower heights at Joshimath and south of it. The tribe is different and so is their culture. 

 *   When you sit at a teashop, at the village's far end, and 
sip  much  needed hot tea, your  mind  is  transported into 
another  world. On  one  side  is  the  sound   of   gurgling 
Saraswati  River  and on  the  other  is  the  silence of the
mountains.  It's a  lifetime  experience,  one  would  like 
to live it again and again. 

*  And a few steps up is the route, to the Satopanth Lake and the Swargarohini Peak, on which one is tempted to walk but for the worldly worries...............

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