Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Stranger !

               (This poem I wrote several years ago)  

                              A stranger

           Walks in crowded cities,
           Unmindful of human complexities,
           And life's eternal beauties,
           A stranger.

           Friendship often seeks,
           That meetings make,
           And partings break,
           A stranger.

           Confines in mystery,
           Looks what is not he,
           But someone else be,
           A stranger.

           Scruples that reside,
           In a human mind,
           Reason could he find,
           A stranger.

           A few moments ago,
           when asked, where you go,
           He says, 'I don't know',
           A stranger.

           His lovable countenance,
           Gives some assurance,
           Of future remembrance,
           A stranger.

                       *         *        *
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