Sunday, 7 December 2014

Forgotten Verse of Shakespeare...

                                                (concluding part of verse)


        Gentle wind sport did find,
        Wantonly to make fly,
                       her golden tresses.
        As they shook, I did look,
        But her fair did impair
                              all my senses.
        As amazed, I gazed
        On more than a mortal 
        Them that I love can prove
        Such force in beauty's 


        Next her hair, forehead fair,
        Smooth and high; next doth lie,
                             without wrinkle,
        Her fair brows; under those,
        Star-like eyes win love's prize
                             when they twinkle,
        In her cheeks who seeks
        Shall find there displayed
                             beauty's banner;
        On admiring desiring 
        Breeds, as I look still upon her,


        Thin lips red, fancy's fed,
        With all sweet when he meets,
                               and is granted,
         There to trade, and is made
         Happy, sure, to endure
                              still undaunted. 
         Pretty chin doth win
         Of all the world commendations;
         Fairest neck, no speck;
         All her parts merit high admirations.


         A pretty bare, past compare,
         Parts those plots which besots
                                  still asunder.
         It is meet naught but sweet
         Should come near that so rare
                                  'tis a wonder.
         No mishap, no scape
         Inferior to nature's perfection;
         No blot, no spot:
         She's beauty's queen in election.


         Whilst I dreamt, I exempt
         From all care, seemed to share
                                pleasures in plenty;
         But awake, care take__
         For I find to my mind
                               pleasures scanty.
        Therefore, I will try
        To compass my heart's chief contending.
        To such a case causeth repenting.

                          ___  William Shakespeare
(credit to Gary Taylor for finding this priceless poem)

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