Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Palestinian

          A night full of dreams,
          A dream full of screams,

          The dream becomes reality,
          In its entirety,

          A nation won, a nation lost,
          In the recent past,              

          Peoples scattered,
          Hopes shattered,

          Brother's treachery,
          Leads to misery,

          A body killed, soul remains,
          Wish unfulfilled, will prevails,

          In the occupied territory,
          On Israel's periphery,

          Men humiliated, women disgraced,
          Zionist oppression they faced,

          Driven by enemy, detested by own,
          The poor sympathize, the rich disown,

          A ray of hope kindles in dark future,
 I live in the present for some bright future,

          To live and lose, or to die and win,
          Should I kill for a cause even if to sin,

          What an agony to me,
          To a Palestinian be,

I am a Palestinian of a free Palestine,
          In future that would be mine,

                     ****** SP Singh

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