Thursday, 11 April 2013

One Small Step

Hi Friends,

A moment comes in our lives when we all feel dissatisfied with our routine. when we read a book or look at a painting, we feel why couldn't we write it or paint it. Next moment we sigh in admiration and move on.

Do we ever sit down for a while and ponder!

Remember, we couldn't write a story or paint a picture because we never tried doing it. And those who did weren't afraid of trying it. I say this from my personal experience. A decade ago I could never write more than one-page essay. today I've written three novels and dozens of short stories. In our everyday lives we come across many interesting stories, which we admire but never think of penning them down.

A month ago I never thought I could paint. A month later I've painted three pictures, which may not be great but I tried and someday, I'm sure, I would be able to paint reasonably well.

 So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a piece of paper, or your laptop and start writing the story that moved you the most. Or, pick up a canvas and paint and give shape to your idea, however weirdest it might be.

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