Sunday, 21 April 2013

Is this not my world?

      As a five-year old girl battles for her life in a Delhi hospital after a gruesome rape, like millions of people the world over, my heart cries for her. It shocks us that this happened within four months of the 'Nirbhaya' incident.

        In deep grief and anger I pen down a few lines ................. 

            O God! please tell me? 
                Is this not my world,

             Here my day is darker 
                             than the night,
             My soul shivers from
                          very male sight, 

             Several eyes bare me 
                          when I pass by,
             Air fills with vulgar taunts
                          and lewd sighs,

             My cries for help often
                           die in silence,
             As monster continues with 
                           heinous violence,

             With all my strength and
                           I decide to fight,
             But how can I match the
                           monster's might,

             No human heard my cries 
                           I'm not shocked, 
             But how can God watch His 
                           part get chopped,

             My soul consoles as                            
                          body is torn apart,
             Cries beside me is 
                          my bleeding heart,

             In heaven and on earth
                         all this goes unheard,
             O God! answer me 
                         is this not my world?                
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