Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Is Democracy failing us ?

^     In 50's and 60's after the fall of colonialism, the nations in Latin
      America, Africa and Asia celebrated. The dawn of democracy
      had brought a new ray of hope for the millions who had suffered
      unspeakable miseries at the hands of their colonial rulers.

^     Alas! their joy was short lived, as country after country fell victim
      to the dictators, who butchered their own people and plundered
      the country's resources, and stashed their ill-gotten wealth into tax
      havens abroad.

^    But fortunately they also had to make way for the real democracy?
      Six decades down the line, one often asks this question, "Is
      democracy failing us ?"

^    Because almost all the govts in Asia, Africa and Latin America
     are mired in monumental corruption. The poor in those countries
     are dying of hunger while the rulers are plundering the country's

^   The much hyped the Arab Spring hasn't brought any colors in the
     lives of those common people who fought to remove the dictators.

^   So, Is democracy really functioning?, or, people need to reinvent
     a better form of government. Until then they have to suffer the
     dictatorship of the elected..............
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