Monday, 13 May 2013

Pakistan..........on the road to democracy !

^      You may be enjoying the comforts of your living room in Moscow,
       Jakarta, Buenos Aires, Djibouti or in any part of the world and were
       not concerned about the elections in Pakistan. Then please wake
       up and follow events in this fragile country.

^     The world watches every action of Iran and crazy North Korea but
      forgets Pakistan, who, being the nursery of terrorism, poses the
      greatest threat to world peace. It's the biggest trainer and exporter
      of terrorists.

^     In the recent elections, the people of Pakistan have braved bullets
      and come out in large numbers to vote for democracy. We hope the
      new govt shows the same courage and dismantles the terror

^    We all should pray and hope that Pakistan succeeds because in its
     success lay our security.....

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