Wednesday, 15 May 2013

When will our Rulers behave ?

^    A few days ago Israeli PM faced flak from the Israeli people and
     media for spending vulgar sums of money on his ice cream and on
     bed in a private plane, while the ordinary citizens cut their household
     budget to meet both ends meet.

^   Public outcry and media pressure forced him to review his decisions.

^   Remember, he is the head of a democratic country where the
    common folks are sermonized about need for austerity measures and
    asked to pay more taxes. How can he squander people's hard money
    on his extravagance?

^   Sadly he is not the only culprit. Look around Asia, Africa, Latin
    America and Europe, and you find dozens of Prime Ministers and
    Presidents spending public money on themselves as though they
    were some medieval monarchs.

^   There is need for the people and the media to be more vigilant and
     question their leaders so that they don't dare to squander money like
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