Saturday, 20 July 2013

Do we need Sporting Razzmatazz ???

*    The economic situation in the world is gloomy. The developed world
is reeling under the threat of recession. The U.S. is barely keeping its
head above water.The economy of Greece has sunk and that of Spain,
Italy and Portugal are about to sink. Great Britain and France are just
making both ends meet. Only Germany gives hope to the Eurozone.

*    Still the rulers of the developing world are obsessed with hosting
Olympics, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the World Cups in
their countries much against the wishes of their citizens, who are reeling
under rampant corruption, lack of health and education facilities.

*    The condition of the developing world doesn't inspire much. People
there crave for more jobs, better education and heath care; and not the
sporting razzmatazz, like the Olympics and the World Cups on which their
govts spend billions of dollars without any returns. It is Brazil today, it
might be Indonesia tomorrow. People are left with no option but to come
out on the streets and protest against this unnecessary extravaganza by
their rulers.

*    Is democracy failing us?  This question will come back to haunt us
every time we hear about such extravaganza by our rulers....

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