Monday, 1 July 2013

Mystical Lakes...........the Lake of No Return (Burma).

*     Lakes evoke awe amongst the mankind and carry a kind of mystic
      about them. They all have interesting tales associated with them.
*     The Lake of No Return lies in Burma, about 40 km from Jairampur
      in India. It can be viewed from Pangsau Pass (Hell Pass). Since
      a number of of Allied aircrafts crash landed in it during World
      War II,  the Americans called it the Lake of No Return.

*       The second tale has it that a group of Japanese soldiers returning
         from battle lost their way and ended up at the lake. There, they
         were stricken by malaria and died.

*       The third story says that the US Army soldiers, working on the Ledo
         Road, were sent to examine the lake and got trapped by the
         undergrowth and perished in it while trying to escape.

*       The fourth says that the retreating British troops in 1942 got lost in
         quicksand of the lake. 

*       Believe in one story, or all; the Lake does draw you to it.... 

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