Tuesday, 2 July 2013

From Mubarak to Morsi......Egypt's struggle with Democracy continues....

^    The Egyptians came out in huge numbers in Tahrir Square in Feb 2011 to oust Mubarak, the dictator who ruined their destinies for 29 long years. But their struggle continued to make an unwilling army call for elections. And what an irony that the elections didn't result in true democracy.

^   Morsi, the new president, slowly and steadily usurped all powers and started to move in the footsteps of Mubarak. Perhaps, he had misinterpreted the resolve of the common folks and their craving for genuine democracy and not a sham one. So, they came out again in large numbers.

^   The Tahrir Square is again crying for Morsi's ouster. The Army has given ultimatum of 48 hours to Morsi to resign.

^   What a tragedy ! The Egyptians' struggle for genuine democracy continues even after more than two years since they ousted Mubarak.

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